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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Vintage Disney

The other night, I went to see "The Princess and The Frog" with my family. Both of my daughters were so happy and we all enjoyed the movie very much....

Disney's princess movies are all cute and heartwarming and I grew up seeing "Snow White" "Sleeping Beauty" and "Cinderalla" myself, wishing my dreams upon a star. When the world has tremendous negative influence on children nowadays, seeing a movie like "The Princes and The Frog" makes me appareciate beautiful art like Disney creates.

I decided to browse through some of Disney's old films online and I came across these sites that sell vintage Disney movie's cels. I like everything that says "Vintage", but old Disney films are the best... I would love to own one of these one day and put it up on the wall (I added the price to show you how expensive these can be!)

Mickey: $5,500

TInkerbell: $12,500

Sleepy: $7,500

Fantasia: $2,950 (1940)

Wicked Witch: $1800 (1937)
What is your favorite Disney character?


Working Mommy said...

Hmmmmmm...favorite character, you ask?? I would have to say Daisy Duck!!


Dionne said...

OOoh I want to see this, it looks so cute. I am a sucker for a good fairytale.

I would have to say Sleeping Beauty is my all time fave. Love it!

RainSplats said...

I'm a Cinderella girl all the way! It was proof that my mom was mean to make me clean my room!!

(stopping by from SITS)

Sara E said...

hmmmm ... almost any animal from The Jungle Book... I love that movie!

Rachel said...

Oh, how cool! I'm with you - anything vintage or Disney is right up my alley. Cinderella and Tink are my faves - just too cute to outgrow them.

The Blonde Duck said...

Popped in form SITS! I love vintage Disney. I have a Princess Aurora print in my room--she's my favorite! That and Lady and the Tramp!

Andy Tan said...

I posted my excitement on seeing Princess and the Frog last month and I still haven't seen it! But I will soon!

I've seen this site before and yes, they sell for that much! I'd love to own one too.

Oh, and I'm new here and I've to say you have a lovely site!