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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Designer Sketches

I always enjoy looking at sketches created by designers. The sketch shows designer's personality and style. I like the way they draw the sketches or the way the final product turn out - it's amazing.

Think about it - isn't it just wonderful that your imagination can take you to a place where you create such a beautiful dress?

Bella's wedding dress from Twilight...

Designer Tilda Swinton

One of my favorite designers Phillip Lim

*** The sketches below are created for Michelle Obama for inauguration

Michael Kors - I love the blue...

Diane von Furstenberg

Mark Jacobs - This sketch was something I didn't expect from Mark Jacobs.

Badgley Mischka

Oscar de La Renta & Isaac Mizra

Christian Lacroix

Betsey Johnson
Jason Wu's sketch is one of my favorite sketches of all the designers. He did indeed design Michelle Obama's inauguration's dress below..


Melanie's Randomness said...

Ohhhh these are so beautiful. I used to draw fashion models So I just LOVE seeing the rough sketches. Woa I love Diane's cuz the lady is smiling. =)

lovely post dear. Thanks for the cheer up! you too have a great day! =)

Barefoot Chic said...

Melanie's Randomenss: Wow, that's awesome that you used to draw fashion models! I love sketches - you too have a great day!!


Andy Tan said...

These sketches are just lovely! I wish I can be as creative as them. Well, I can be, just need to be able to translate it into a sketch.

Thanks for the lovely post! Til the next one!


Lyndsy said...

I loved the DVF dress for Michelle. Hopefully she will wear that for something!

she851518 said...

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