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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I Have Moved..

Hello everyone - I just wanted to let you all know that I've decided to combine the business blog and family blog together and I will be posting everything on my family blog....

I just wanted to thank you all so much for being part of my dream and cheer me on here - I would love it if you swing by my family/business blog from now on. Hope to see you there!!! w/ Love Sincerely


Monday, February 22, 2010

Back To Original

Well well well, hello lovelies - it's been a while... How was your weekend? Mine was... I was sick and I'm still sick...

Anyway, today I want to talk about my dilemma. I have this blog which talks about my business (painting) and everything that inspires me to create beautiful things. I also have a family blog which I talk about my family and everything that touches my life. The thing is I realized it's becoming difficult at times to post between two blogs.

So, I ask your opinion - should I combine the two blogs? If so, would you still read me? I've pretty much made up my mind, but wanted to hear your opinion on it.

Any suggestions and comments will be greately appreciate it - Have a lovely Monday!!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Children Book - The World of Eric Carle

I'm a mother of two beautiful girls who love to read - well, I'm the one who read to them, but they love books. And I must admit I lovepicking children books for them. One of my favorite writers/artists for children book is Eric Carle. His book is full of colors and different shapes and funky animals and flowers. His world is so unique and filled with fantasies - I love his drawings.

My children pretty much growing up seeing his art along with his stories and learning numbers or concept of shapes, etc. So I decided to share some of the books that my daughters own in their bookshelf.

My Very First Book of Numbers: This is such a cute book - you have to match the numbers and the fruits. This is the book my daughters first learned numbers.

ABC: Cute alphabet book with fantastic pictures - I think our book is missing Y and Z because our youngest daughter ripped it while reading it (or should I say playing?).. The Sounding Block: It makes sounds when you put the right animals together - oh boy, the girls loved it so much!!!! It's a great baby shower gift too:)

A House for Hermit Crab: One of my daughters' favorite story - my daughter already knows every word by heart... Cute Cute story..

The Tiny Seed: This is another favorite story of the girls - very sentimental though.. The Very Hungry Catapillar: Oh boy oh boy, don't we all love this book??? It's so cute and I still remember my oldest used to cheer for joy every time we read the last part -- the butterfly!!!!!
Flash Cards: They are all wrinkled and bend because we played with the cards so many times...

Opposites: Interesting way to learn the concept of "opposites" - "old - young" "tall - short" - and the pictures are awesome!

**My Wish List***
The books listed below are my wish list - I want to get them for my daughters. They are fairy new and the colors are so pretty too. I can't wait to read to the girls (I enjoy it as much as they do too)..

So, tell me - what was your favorite book to read growin up???

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Girls' Room

I have been trying to re-decorate/design my daughter's room for the past few weeks. And I saw this photo - isn't this such a cute idea using tu-tu? I so want to copy and make this table for them.

I think I need to either make new shelves or buy another dresser to decorate all kind of cute stuff that the girls have collected. They are all in the large tote bags, but it will look lovely if we line them all up neatly just like in the photo...

I had painted this last week for my daughter's classmate. They loved it!!!! I have three other paintings this month - I LOVE LOVE painting, it gives me peace....

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mission: Organization

I must confess: I'm not good at organization. I'm not dirty, but my house can get messy at times. Working part time, paiting at night time and having two kids and chasing them around do throw me off a bit. Having all my art supplies or bills, my oldest daughter's school stuff and toys. Oh my, my...

But one of my this year's resolution is to be more organized and I've been doing pretty good. The thing is my mom used to do everything for me and my sisiter. We barely picked up and brought our own dishes to the kitchen sink after dinner. My mom used to clean out my handbags or shcool uniform's pockets. I'm not blaming her - I'm deeply grateful for all that she's done. I must say that I was spoiled girl who didn't know how to help my mother. And I'm embarrassed by it.

The funny thing is, my family and I were at my in-law's for dinner awhile back and I started clean up after my two daughters. "Honey, you tell the girls to pick up their toys, you don't need to do it.." my mother in law said. That's when it hit me. I'm turning into my mama!

I think it's important to teach my kids how to clean after their play time and I'm doing it now... I throw away stuff more. No more clutter and it feels so much better!

Here are some photos from Real Simple magazine - I realize now that ORGANIZATION is just divine...

Actually, I do fold my underwear just like this photo - my mom taught me that.

After seeing this photo, I did organize one of my drawer just like this and it works great!

I'm trying to organize my girls' closet and I really like this idea...

Note: My girls room doesn't look like this, but I thought it's funn photo...

And it looks like this now. Isn't it cute????
So, are you organized??? What's your secret to be organized? Pleas share!

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Beauty of Origami

I'm originally from Japan and grew up folding papers and create different kind of stuff: Crane, Flowers, Heart, Boxes, etc. Children in Japan know how to do it - it's no brainer. I'm amazed how I used to be able to make everything that's on here.

My daughters love origami. My mother in Japan sent me tons of origami paper and the book (Disney princess theme) for them to learn how to fold simple stuff. I'm grateful because I'm relearning the beauty of origami. Although I'm teaching my girls how to make animals or boat or castle, they're teaching me to patience or the things I forgot to make. The only thing I will never forget to make is "Crane" - it's basic, but it's something I showed my daughters for the first time which they showered me with "make it again, make it again!!"

So, do you know how to origami?

Monday, January 18, 2010

What? Cat Wigs?

I have a soft spot for cats. I love cats. I have two kitties now here in Florida and four other kitties back in Hawaii and Tokyo that my parents and sister are taking care of.

Over a month ago, I was reading People magazine when I found a cute and hilarious book review. It was called {GLAMOURPUSS} - a book about cats in wigs. A girl named Julie Jackson realized there are plenty people who dress up their dogs in tons of costumes, but she couldn't find none for her cats. So, she decided that she would created wigs for her kitties. Hilarious.

Julie summond her friend to take some photos and here is the book she just published. Aren't they adorable? She sells kittie wigs on her website Kitty Wigs. If you a cat lover, you should definitely check it out.

Model: Chicken in Electric Blue wig $50.00

Model: Shaft in Bashful Blond (Sold out)

Model: Chicken in Pink Passion kitty wig. $50.00

I honestly believe this Chicken is a natural super kitty model! Look at her face - I can't stop laughing. So cute.

All of her kitty wigs comes in a cute package just like this one with detail instruction. I have been telling my family that I'm thinking about getting these wigs to my kitties, they tell me don't be stupid. But I'm thinking about getting them and put them on my cats. Oh they will hate me for it.