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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Girls' Room

I have been trying to re-decorate/design my daughter's room for the past few weeks. And I saw this photo - isn't this such a cute idea using tu-tu? I so want to copy and make this table for them.

I think I need to either make new shelves or buy another dresser to decorate all kind of cute stuff that the girls have collected. They are all in the large tote bags, but it will look lovely if we line them all up neatly just like in the photo...

I had painted this last week for my daughter's classmate. They loved it!!!! I have three other paintings this month - I LOVE LOVE painting, it gives me peace....


Andy said...

Yes! That tutu table would be amazing! Oh, and I love that hand-painted sign!

And have you seen the awards I've recently presented you with in my blog? Go check!


The Nest said...

Florida? :) Where in Florida?? I was born in Tampa and all my family is still down there :)


Dionne said...

Oh that tutu idea is adorable. And I LOVE your latest creation!

CMA said...

that table is FABULOUS
i want one haha
gorgeous photos
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the lovely comments, it means the world!


Kristin said...

my little one so needs a table like that! your blog is amazing so glad to have found you...*thank you* so much for the sweet comment about my shop...good luck in the giveaway!

faded prairie

The Nest said...

Where is SRQ? :)

Yes, I usually go down every other year or so. I'll probably go down this summer, before I have to head back for the fall semester. I'll have to come find your shop! :)


Nicole Marie said...

oh my gosh so cute!!! i'm trying to decorate my brothers rooms and kinda wish they were girls sometimes so i could hang tutus and everything pink :)

you are so talented maki i'm so jealous!

Sukanya said...

I love the tutu table as well. It's make me feel like dancing.

My Owl Barn said...

That tutu lamp is a superb idea! It'll look great in a girl's room.

Barefoot Chic said...

Girlies: Thanks so much for all of your sweet comments! Sorry for being a MIA - have been SUPER busy, it's not even funny! If I get around to do the lamp with tutu for my daughter's room, I'd definitely let you know~