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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Children Book - The World of Eric Carle

I'm a mother of two beautiful girls who love to read - well, I'm the one who read to them, but they love books. And I must admit I lovepicking children books for them. One of my favorite writers/artists for children book is Eric Carle. His book is full of colors and different shapes and funky animals and flowers. His world is so unique and filled with fantasies - I love his drawings.

My children pretty much growing up seeing his art along with his stories and learning numbers or concept of shapes, etc. So I decided to share some of the books that my daughters own in their bookshelf.

My Very First Book of Numbers: This is such a cute book - you have to match the numbers and the fruits. This is the book my daughters first learned numbers.

ABC: Cute alphabet book with fantastic pictures - I think our book is missing Y and Z because our youngest daughter ripped it while reading it (or should I say playing?).. The Sounding Block: It makes sounds when you put the right animals together - oh boy, the girls loved it so much!!!! It's a great baby shower gift too:)

A House for Hermit Crab: One of my daughters' favorite story - my daughter already knows every word by heart... Cute Cute story..

The Tiny Seed: This is another favorite story of the girls - very sentimental though.. The Very Hungry Catapillar: Oh boy oh boy, don't we all love this book??? It's so cute and I still remember my oldest used to cheer for joy every time we read the last part -- the butterfly!!!!!
Flash Cards: They are all wrinkled and bend because we played with the cards so many times...

Opposites: Interesting way to learn the concept of "opposites" - "old - young" "tall - short" - and the pictures are awesome!

**My Wish List***
The books listed below are my wish list - I want to get them for my daughters. They are fairy new and the colors are so pretty too. I can't wait to read to the girls (I enjoy it as much as they do too)..

So, tell me - what was your favorite book to read growin up???


Steph said...

We had the very hungry catapillar when my kids were young. One of their favorites.

debi9kids said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Eric Carle and have been reading his books to my kids for YEARS.
You might like the craft I did with my kids on Monday (it's on my blog). We made tissue paper paintings "eric carle style" :)

ps Popping over from SITS

Paloma said...

you ae new in my contacts ! welcome :) great blog

Dionne said...

I LOVE kids books. I collect them. Growing up, I changed favorite books every week - but today, my favorites would have to be anything by Jeannie Baker.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

We have a lot of his books too. The snow books looks great! Stopping from SITS!

LINDSAY said...

Eric Carle is genius! I very much enjoy the illustrations in my girls' Charlie and Lola books too :)